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Welcome to Elizabeth East Primary School

Welcome to our School. We are a small R-7 primary school in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. We cater for children in their first 8 years of schooling, from ages 5-13 years.

Elizabeth East Kindergarten is located over the road from us and provides excellent pre-school education. Children can enrol in pre-school at age 4 and then transition to school at age 5.

At the end of year 7 our students graduate to one of several high schools in our local area. These include Fremont-Elizabeth City HS, Craigmore HS, and Salisbury HS.

Our community is strong and proud with many of our students being the second or third generation to attend the School.

At Elizabeth East Primary School (Reception - Year 7) our vision is that every student will be propelled into powerful achievement at school and beyond through their attainment of high personal literacy and numeracy levels. We know that high levels of social and emotional literacy also are necessary to make a good life. The school values are respect, responsibility and excellence.

‘Wellbeing through learning’ is what inspires us as we know there is nothing better we can do for a child’s wellbeing than to ensure they are successful in learning.

The School was 50 years old in 2010. In 2009 it was extensively renovated inside and all learning spaces are fully modernised and air conditioned, and equipped with ICTs. We have dedicated spaces for teaching visual and performing arts, and a full computer suite.

We have a Hall/Gym and an updated Resource Centre. The Hall was built in 1997 and the RC upgraded in 2004. Both of these facilities are maintained to a high standard, as is the whole school.

Our grounds are extensive with well-developed and maintained green space, ovals, sports fields, playgrounds and a kitchen garden.

The School’s Governing Council operates a profitable full canteen service that is open 5 days per week.

Our extra-curricular programs include many sports, school camps and choir. The School resources many incursions to complement our teaching programs, and subsidises students to attend regular excursions.

The School hosts 2 specialist programs that serve our own as well as other schools in our area. We have a primary special class (12 students). These students have significant intellectual needs that prevent them from fully accessing all curriculum in a mainstream class. We also host a Better Behaviour Centre, a facility for students whose behavioural needs require extra intervention. Both these programs are staffed with specialist teaching and support staff.

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